Thursday, 10 November 2011

Speeding vehicles in Rusthall (2)

Earlier this year I posted the item below.

Recently I came across a page on the web entitled Slow Down on Sherwood.  A residents' group has been pressing for a long time for traffic calming/slowing measures in Sherwood.  In light of my earlier post the following comments by members of the Sherwood group are apposite:

  • Traffic calming measures are certainly imperative to implement on Liptraps Lane and Birken Road as the speed indicator is laughable. It does NOT slow the traffic and quite often I have witnessed vehicles speeding UP to see how fast they can go?!? Speed humps have been 'no-noed' before but other mesures COULD be put in place. Ideas welcome guys! :)

  • Thats was why i suggested the chicanes, in my opinion just making it a 20 or 30mph is not enough, sleeping police man are not really possible chicanes are only other option i can think of, and if decorated nice will actually make the area look better

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