Wednesday, 30 November 2011

East-West Link

Excellent news that the East- West rail link between Bedford and Oxford is to restored. Part of the route is used by passenger trains, but there is gap between Bletchley and Bicester.  Chiltern Railway is planning to upgrade the Oxford-Bicester section of the route and built a new line to join it to the Birmingham Snow Hill-Marylebone route, this enabling a new London-Oxford service  to be provided.

The link  between Aylesbury and the Bedford-Oxford route is restored as part of the scheme.

Re-opening the lines will benefit Milton Keynes in particular, but it will also provide routes for passengers which avoid London or Birmingham. 

The East-West link's long-term objective is to re-open the route between Cambridge and Oxford to provide a through route for freight traffic from Felixstowe to a range of destinations avoiding routes heavily used by passenger trains.


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