Sunday, 27 November 2011

A right carry on

Recent declarations of undying love and affection between the English Defence League and the British Freedom Party have come as a surprise to some given the titles of the parties.  But no matter, time will tell if this is a match made in heaven or hell.  I note John Bull has been commandeered to the cause.

Meanwhile the English Democrats, have taken to calling themselves 'The English Democratic Party'
in a forlorn attempt to be distinguishable from the far-right English Democratic Party. 

Two examples below of the fodder fed to the troops:

Remember, this garbage emanates from a supposedly serious political party.  Now I have no problem with the ED policy of seeking an English parliament.  However who are the 'We English (who) share a communal history, language and culture'?   What is the culture we share?

The ED is a small insignificant party with a manifesto stating it is a civic nationalist party.  Once you begin to articulate ideas about communal history and culture the emphasis changes.  The ED has become the home of many ex-BNP members.  Have all the ED's immigrants from the BNP forsaken their previous convictions?  What will be the longer-term impact of their membership on the ED, particularly as there has been an exodus of long - standing ED members  concerned at the scale and influence of ex-BNP immigration?

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