Friday, 29 November 2013

Twerp of The Year Award 2013

A bumper crop of potential winners.  I have selected Anna Cleve as the winner.  Although she does not exist she was an English Democrat candidate at the Kent County Council elections. Not only does she not exist, neither does the address given on her nomination papers.

Cinema site. No end in sight?

Since 2000 the old cinema opposite Tunbridge Wells Town Hall has rotted away. It is the 'grot spot' par excellence.  Developers have come and gone.  Likewise council leaders. Council leaders have wrung their hands and muttered about compulsory purchase.

The local Conservatives published recently 'In Touch', a campaign leaflet from which is taken the following gem.

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More tosh from Steve Uncles

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

English Democrats: Paul Rimmer

Once upon a time the English Democrats was a civic nationalist party promoting the idea that England should have its own parliament within a federal United Kingdom.  Now the policy has changed. The English Democrats policy is for an independent England, shorn of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  One leading English Democrat (Steve Uncles) proposed on a blog he owned that Northern Ireland should be handed to the Republic of Ireland without so much as a referendum.

The English Democrats have gone beyond mere civic nationalism and propose to preserve English culture.

Since moving to a policy of independence for England the following has appeared on the English Democrats Facebook pages:

A dramatic shift of emphasis.  No longer is the party a civic nationalist party.  It has become a party standing up for the majority.

However, Mr Uncles informs us now as follows:


This brings me to consideration of the statements made by Paul Rimmer who has stood for the English Democrats in the elections for mayor of Liverpool and  for the Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner. He is also the second prospective candidate (behind Stephen Morris) for the European Parliament elections in the North West Region.

The following is some of Rimmer's output:

Thursday, 14 November 2013

By train to Gravesend

I travel to Gravesend from Tunbridge Wells via London Bridge.  It is not the cheapest route but there are four trains per hour on each leg of the journey.  The cheapest route is via Paddock Wood and Strood.  However, there is only an hourly service on the line between these two places and it is not unknown for trains to be cancelled.

Earlier this week I arrived at Gravesend station for my return journey and was informed that no trains were running between Gravesend and Dartford as emergency work was being undertaken at Stone Crossing to replace a broken rail.  Passengers were advised to catch the 'replacement bus service' to Dartford.  The result was a 40 minute delay to my journey.

Southeastern missed a wonderful opportunity for some excellent public relations. London bound passengers could have been advised to join the HS1 service without paying the premium fare.