Monday, 6 May 2013

Kent Tories wobble but not toppled.

The Conservative held on to control of Kent County Council....just.

UKIP came from nowhere to win 17 seats, Labour failed to regain all the seats lost in 2009 and the Liberal Democrats trod water.  Had UKIP been able to mount contests in more Conservative seats, as distinct from fielding 'paper' candidates, we could have been looking at a council with no overall control.

As it is the Conservatives will form the cabinet.  We await with interest signs that opposition councillors are capable of mounting  effective scrutiny.

UKIP gained Tunbridge Wells East from the Conservatives.  A good result, followed by a stab in the back.

The UKIP challenge in Tunbridge Wells North came to nothing as the electorate followed the lead of Capel's electorate last year and refused to elect Brian Ransley.

The English Democrats had a hopeless campaign and dismal results.  At least they brought comedy to the elections with a candidate living at a non existent address and two candidates who live in Swanley, stood under other names and gave as their home address a location outside the county.

The English Democrats performance in Kent was matched  in Doncaster where they lost the Mayoral election having been successful in 2009.  It wasn't even close.  Hower, in typical English Democrat fashion, a gloss was put on the heavy defeat.