Monday, 19 February 2018

Road delays in Tunbridge Wells

Major York's Road in Tunbridge Wells has been closed to enable carriageway repairs and the installation of a pedestrian crossing.  The road is busy all day and its closure has resulted in diversions of traffic onto other busy roads.  The bus services using the road have been diverted and the extra mileage, together with traffic jams has resulted in the timetables being rendered useless.

The cost to the bus companies and the cost of extra fuel used by road users, together with lost time, will add up to an enormous sum.  Yet there is a lack of urgency about completing the work.  No overnight work and no weekend working.  Poor show.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Demise of Essex Savers credit union

This week Essex Savers went into voluntary liquidation.  All savings are protected and will be paid back within seven days,

I have known for some time that Essex Savers was short of  operating funds.  I have no knowledge of the size of the shortfall.  The social cost of liquidation will be enormous as disadvantaged people will go to lenders who charge astronomical interest rates.

In Kent, the county council was the major player in the development and funding of the credit union - up to £500,000.  In Essex the county council did not contribute a penny.  Surely it was not beyond the wit of various councils and housing associations to come up with interest free loans or other mechanisms to support the credit union?  The cost to these bodies of the loss of the credit union will outweigh the cost of rescue as pressure will mount on social services, social security and housing.

Monday, 12 February 2018

Rusthall Parish Council loses 3 councillors

The parish council should have nine members.  It is down to six with the resignations of Fraser, Benoy and Punyer.  Should ten electors ask there would be a by-election to fill the vacancies.  Otherwise the council may fill the vacancies by co-option.  By-elections cost a lot: co-option opens the door to cronyism.

Since the first council election in 2011 the electorate has not voted for a parish councillor, seats have either been uncontested or filled by co-option.  Clearly apathy reigns, as I surmised it would.  Unlike some I did not go along with the hype generated by the likes of councillor Blackburn.  The parish council is a waste of money and would not be missed if it ceased to exist.  Unfortunately abolishing a parish council in virtually impossible.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Red Lion closes - again

The Red Lion in Rusthall has closed again.  A note on the door states it will reopen 'under new management'. Today the pub sign on the green opposite the pub has been taken down. Rumour is rife:  the brewery has sold the pub, it is being turned into a restaurant with an oriental theme.  Time will tell.

Friday, 2 February 2018

Still here!

It is just over two years since I was diagnosed with heart failure.  Since then a pacemaker has been fitted, I have type 2 diabetes and my cholesterol level has been too high. A daily intake of pills has reduced markedly my sugar and cholesterol levels and my pacemaker is doing its job.  I am told I look well!

Indeed I do feel well.  However my diet is restricted: very little salt and sugar and no more than two litres of fluid a day.  But I am able to get about and walk long distances - including uphill.

The NHS has done me proud - my GP, heart failure nurse, diabetes nurse and the staff at Maidstone and Pembury hospitals.

So what does the future hold?  Two years ago I doubted I would make it into 2017.  Now I expect to keep going for a few more years.