Saturday, 6 January 2018

It's all in the head.

Here is an assertion:   a right is not an objective fact, it is a subjective human construct.  'Rights' are human constructs imposed by social pressure or legal force.  There are no objective standards of morality or rights, they are inventions of the human mind.  Rights are not self-evident, god given or inalienable.

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Bridge Trust retires from retail.

Once upon a time the Bridge Trust had a furniture sales warehouse in Tonbridge, a charity shop near Tonbridge railway station and a charity shop in Tunbridge Wells.  The Tonbridge shop rarely made a profit but the other outlets were profitable.  It was decided to close the Tonbridge shop as there is little point in running an operation at a loss.

The furniture warehouse premises had to be vacated.  After much searching it reopened in premises in Paddock Wood. Sales fell substantially so it was decided to close the warehouse.

In Tunbridge Wells the shop in Camden Road was small so it was decided to relocate to larger premises on Camden Road closer to the town centre.  It was decided also to open a further outlet in Grosvenor Road selling clothes.  Both Tunbridge Wells outlets have closed.

Health Update

An appointment at Pembury Hospital for my pacemaker to be monitored.  Working well and doing its job.  No 'murmers'.

Next day a visit to my GP surgery for blood test results.  My cholesterol is back within the range of normality and my diabetes is under control.  Must keep taking the pills.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

More Liberal Democrat hypocrisy

Dr Bullion has had a letter published in  The Times of Tunbridge Wells in which he criticises a Tunbridge Wells Borough Councillor who has moved to Norfolk and continues to represent his ward, travelling to and fro for meetings.  He is a Tory councillor.

Before Dr Bullion started throwing stones he should have considered the damage to  the Lib Dem glasshouse.

See below:

Dear me.  Nothing like cheap political point scoring.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Twerp of the year award

It's that time of year.  Many potential winners but this year the outstanding candidate is David Lammy who is a serial performer in the stupidity stakes.