Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A beacon leaves.

I had a degree of empathy with the English Democrats as I support withdrawal of the UK from the EU  and the resolution of The West Lothian Question by the creation of an English parliament.  I agree with the principle of symmetric devolution which I understand to mean that parliaments in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland should have the same powers as distinct from the variations between the parliaments (by whatever name)  in the latter three nations.

My opinion on how the constitutional arrangements of the UK should be changed is based solely on the principle of equitable treatment for all the nations of the Union. I am a civic nationalist.

The English Democrats claim  not to be an ethnic nationalist party, but they are accepting ex-BNP members (some of whoe held a high profile within the BNP). The EDP seeks to defend 'English culture'.  The inroads made by ex BNP members has led to many EDP members leaving, some have joined UKIP.

One of the leading officers of the EDP is Steve Uncles. You may sample his outpourings by going to:


His uncritical support and promotion of this site (he claims not to own it)  is odd, given that it supports a united Ireland without the consent of the people of Northern Ireland, engages in childish attempts at character assassination and produces a succession of articles one might charitably described as dross.  But then, Mr Uncles states he engages in 'guerilla' tactics.

Recently a leading civic democrat resigned from the EDP. A great loss to the party, as he was a member of the national council, vice-chairman of the SE region (Uncles is chairman and appointed him vice-chairman) and chairman of the Young English Democrats. He also chaired a very active branch of the EDP.

Mr Uncles is in the middle congratulating his (then)new vice-chairman.

Doubtless the EDP will limp on, weighed down by its ex-BNP baggage.  It has lost a number of talented members, people it can ill-afford to lose. 

For more on Mr Uncles go to:


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