Thursday, 10 November 2011

A fine article

I commend the article that you may read by following the link below:

I believe we have the right to demand high standards from those who hold public office. Sadly though, we have come to accept that individuals will hang on to office, come what may.

When the chairman of Kent Police Authority was found to have used public resources to promote her personal opinions, did she resign?

Kent County Council has received reports from OFSTED stating that children's services are performing poorly, failing to meet minimum requirements.  Has any councillor resigned?

The mantra used these days runs along the lines of: well we got into this mess on my watch and I am the best placed person to get us out of it. 

Underpinning this there is a deeper malaise. The expenses scandal involving MPs and peers was premised on the basis that rules had been or not been broken, rather than any underlying assumption of basic principles of  integrity, probity or decency.  Smacks of the only following orders defence.

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