Saturday, 26 November 2011

A closed pub.

Yesterday I travelled to meet a fellow director of the Communities Food Community Interest Company. The autumnal scenery was pleasant enough, but I regretted not having time to stop off at the Elephants Head on the way to Lamberhurst.  From there, I set off for Goudhurst.  A clear fine sunny day, you could see for miles.  Along the route passed one of the few remaining hop pickers living quarters and then the climb to Goudhurst.

Goudhurst is an attractive village, but can be a traffic nightmare.  Fortunately plain sailing and I was on my way to my destination, the Bull as Sissinghurst.

Catastrophe.  The pub is closed, the landlord has gone.  The owners of the pub have placed notices in windows intimating that closure is temporary.  But will it?  Located next to the primary school and church at the end of the shopping area., the pub has a large car park.  The pub owners may well see an opportunity to knock the pub down and build a few houses on the site.

However, it is possible that the pub might survive as I understand the new Localism Act (for want of looking up the correct title) makes provision for community assets to be purchased by the community.

Where to go for our meeting?  Biddenden  is 4 miles away.  Cranbrook is not the easiest place to park and our time was limited.  Our decision?  We headed for Sissinghurst Castle cafe.

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