Thursday, 17 November 2011

Anything to report?

The group known as SAG-Edenbridge (School Action Group-Edenbridge 2012) has a website:

The following paragraph is from the website:

Lets not get run away with any ideas of what we are, can or want to achieve. An Open school in Edenbridge is the end result. There are many stagesand hurdles to complete before we get there. This is very early days and much to do, and this website and news letters will be the information point. There has been much comment on previous surveys and other websites with misleading information, this is not going to happen here. Honest progress good or bad will be published.We are sure there will be knock backs but with determination we should and can overcome them.

All most laudible.  However, nothing has been published on the site for months.  What is happening? Are plans to open a free secondary school in Edenbridge on course? 

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