Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Follow on from previous post on 'Europe'

Rather than place the links on yesterday's post I have decided on a new post.  I will add links during the course of the day.  The proposal for eurobonds, now renamed stability bonds, is going to put added pressure on Germany to change its stance.

The article from Spiegel Online echoes comments I made yesterday concerning the liquidity crisis in Europe.  The fear is that the crisis we are in will turn out much, much worse than that of 2008, no wonder the USA is worried.,1518,799397,00.html

A bit of knock-about from the Daily Express on domestic political matters and the EU:

From the Daily Telegraph today:

10.45 Wow - even German bonds, Europe's belt and braces gold standard, are under pressure today.
Germany failed to get bids for 35pc of the 10-year bonds it sold in an auction today...
The country was only able to get away €3.89bn of a sale with a maximum target of €6bn. However the yield was 1.98pc - which Spain and Italy would give their eye-teeth for...,1518,799550,00.html

More bad news, but expected:

We need the following like the proverbial hole in the head.

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