Sunday, 27 November 2011

Rusthall Matters

The local press has an item on Rusthall Club, in which it is named as Rusthall Working Men's Club.  Has the name been changed back to its original form or is it simply habit?

A few weeks ago I commented on the financial insecurity of the club:

Now, a fresh face has joined the committee following the Club's AGM and has set about making a number of changes.  I wish her well.

Many years ago I attended the AGM of a club in my home town and by the end of the meeting I was treasurer and had the power to do what I wished, from raising bar prices to closing the club.  The first thing I did was to raise bar prices by 15%.  Howls of protest, but things soon settled down.  The previous club management had paid cash to casual staff, without any supporting paperwork.  A visit from the Inland Revenue to review the paperwork for the previous six years landed the club with a hefty bill.

To overcome this body blow one of our members organised an event which proved to be a godsend financially.  Advertised as The Alternative Tupperware Party, the event was held in the function room and drew a huge crowd of heavy drinkers, drawn mostly from the town's professionals who could afford the very steep admission price. The 'star' turn was Dickie Pleasant, The Pheasant Plucker and his retinue of  female strippers.  It was a wild night of filthy jokes and women stripping, almost but not quite, to the bare buff.

Somehow, I cannot see a similar event being held at the Rusthall Club.

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