Monday, 21 November 2011


For the uninitiated:

EDP:  English Democrats

EDL: English Defence League

BNP: British National Party

BFP: British Freedom Party.

UKIP: United Kingdom Independence Party.

UAF: United Against Fascism.

The BNP is in serious financial trouble.  It has been losing members and has a tenuous hold in financial solvency.  Some ex-BNP members have joined the EDP and this in turn has led to EDP members leaving, some joining UKIP.

The EDL is not a political party in that it does not contest elections, preferring to stage demonstrations where  usually it is opposed by members of members of UAF.

From the link below it looks as though the EDL is encouraging its members to join the BFP.  This will be a blow to the EDP who have members who are also supporters of the EDL.
EDL to contest elections.

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