Saturday, 12 November 2011

Another day, another problem

So, now attention is turning to Spain. The economy is on the rocks and banks under pressure. Below is a link to an article on Spain.

And see also:

Political leaders and eurocrats are becoming excited about reconfiguring the EU and the eurozone. Talk of treaty change is in the air.  This what they love: the bold vision, the magnificent gesture.  Pity is though that previous boldness and magnificence has landed us in the mess we are in today.  Having landed us in the proverbial can we expect the same shower to get us out of it? 

Before embarking on this latest enterprise it would have been appropriate for our ruling elites to have sorted out a few current problems.  Foremost is the EFSF which we were told was to be leveraged and provide  one trillion euros cover to holders of sovereign debt.  Private investors and China would come to our aid.  All this seems to have sunk without trace.

Is it me who is confused?  Where is democracy, the will of the people in all this mayhem?  Absent, and to be kept that way if Clegg has his way.  The way things are going it will not only be economies which will collapse, civil collapse across Europe is not far away.  They may be distant drums now, but.........

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