Saturday, 26 November 2011

A new force on the political scene?

The right in English politics is re-ordering, again.

The English Defence League, a protest movement, is linking up with the British Freedom Party.  The latter has a number of ex-BNP members.  There could be an EDL or BFP candidate standing in your area soon.


This development will come as a blow to the English Democrats who have also been recruiting ex-BNP members and as a consequence have lost a number of moderate key activists.  Outflanked on the right, the ED is coming under pressure from UKIP. UKIP is likely to embrace the policy which is the raison d'etre of the ED: the creation of an English parliament.

The squeeze is on for the ED.  UKIP and the EDL have high profiles, whereas the ED only appears as an occasional blip on the press radar.

Meanwhile, the BNP continues to function, just.  Heavily in debt, leaking members and ridden with internal strife, it is hanging on. 

The parties will continue to fight amongst themselves, busying themselves with the usual character assassinations, arguing over civic and ethnic nationalism, English 'culture' and immigration.  Meanwhile, in the real world of eurozone crisis, unemployment and poverty, people worry about their future oblivious to the issues which animate the right.

Yes, immigration is a concern to many, but it is not perceived by the majority of the population to be a matter to be questioned primarily on cultural or ethnic grounds.  We need to be vigilant and counter the vileness of people who peddle cultural or ethnic nationalism.

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