Friday, 18 November 2011

Onwards - but to where?

Mr Cameron has been busy today talking to the Big Three  (or the Unholy Trinity): Barroso, Van Rumpoy and Merkel.  Doubtless there will be acres of interpretation and comment on his meetings which I shall post here later.

Three major inter-related issues will be debated in the weeks ahead:

  • How to find and apply sticking plaster to cover the current chasms within the eurozone, for example making the EFSF work,
  • Proposals for a two-tier EU and the effect they will have on national sovereignty and democracy
  • The UK's response to both the above.
Many of the issues and arguments have been rehearsed in previous posts on this blog.  For the moment I am content to provide links to articles relevant directly or indirectly to these issues.  In particular I draw your attention to articles from Spiegel Online which set out the nuances of ideas in Germany concerning the future of the EU/eurozone.,1518,797626,00.html
How the EU can emerge from the ashes.,1518,798399,00.html
Opposing visions of Europe,1518,798588,00.html
EU has bigger worries than British Euroskeptics.

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