Sunday, 27 November 2011

BNP: a busted flush?

It is reported today that the English Democrats' National Council has ratified the membership of former BNP big cheese, Eddy Butler.  He is not the first senior former BNP member to join, but is certainly the most influential.  Now he is a member of the ED other ex-BNP members may follow.  Having accepted Butler, the ED is effectively declaring an open door for ex-BNP members to join.  Many ED members have left as ex-BNP members have migrated to the ED. 

I expect the press (the Guardian in particular following its hatchet job report on the ED AGM) will keep a close watch on the ED, as it will not be long before power shifts to the ex-BNP members.  Hopes the ED might have that there will be a big influx of new ex-BNP members may be dashed by developments elsewhere.

An organisation named the Brent Group, supported by Andrew Brons MEP has been busy setting up a 'parallel' organisation to the BNP.


Brons is the Honourary (sic) President of the Group.

Add to the mix the close collaboration being forged between the English Defence League and the  British Freedom Party. there are now three organisations contesting more or less the same ground for members.  Of course the Griffin led BNP is still operational, just.  I am loathe to recite the Last Rites over the BNP, as anything seems possible on the fevered right of British politics.  Somehow though I don't see anything other than BNP's demise as likely, so we may be spared  the sight of Lazarus Griffin.  No pheonix rising from the ashes of the financial fire within the BNP.

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