Sunday, 27 November 2011

More Rusthall Matters

I have been informed that the Parish Council intends to move the item which permits the public to address the Council from the end of the agenda and place it after the item on the minutes of the previous meeting.  A welcome development.

A number of matters I hope the Council will consider:

  • Street Lighting: On some roads the street lights are masked by the branches of trees which have grown to such an extent that the street lights are almost completely hidden. The consequence is obvious, so please, let the axeman cometh.
  • Dangerous crossing (1): Every morning and evening parents and children have to cross the busy Lower Green Road and during the day there is a steady procession of people crossing. People are left to fend for themselves and matters are not helped by there being parked cars which block visibly in both directions for both pedestrians and motorists.
  • Dangerous crossing (2): Crossing the A264 at the top of the Terry Path  would be assisted by the provision of a pedestrian island.

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