Monday, 30 April 2012

UKIP's election ploy in Rusthall

The UKIP candidate called at our home today and left an election communication in the form of a letter.  Clearly after disaffected Tories.

In UKIP most of us are Conservatives who have left following the party's betrayal of Conservative principles: on Europe, on immigration, and on local government.

Could one of my UKIP friends explain what the betrayal is in respect of local government?

No sign of the Liberal Democrats, not even an election leaflet: and this in a ward the party has held seats.

At the beginning of April I expressed the opinion that the Conservatives would hold the seat, just.  However, this was before the Budget and the hoo-hah surrounding the Culture Secretary.  Too close to call, although I suspect the Conservatives will do well on the postal votes and have a superior election day organisation.


  1. Let's hope Bob Atwood does hold the seat for the Conservatives. He is an excellent local councillor and has done a lot for Rusthall - for example being instrumental in getting us the parish council and the crossing to the surestart place. In comparison Victor Webb for UKIP has done NOTHING since he was elected, save for annoying people at each Parish Council election he has attended. If the UKIP candidate gets elected it'll mean Rusthall has no effective voice on the Borough Council at all.

    1. Not sure the formation of a parish council met with universal acclaim! He does deserve to be re-elected for his Rusthall work, but I think he should have sacked Ransley from the cabinet and not pleaded for his re-selection after he was de-selected by the Conservatives.