Monday, 30 April 2012

Spiegel update

I had serious computer problems last week. One consequence was inability to download articles from a number of sources including Spiegel.  So, a catch-up on the Spiegel take on eurozone issues.,1518,829904,00.html
Spain credit crunch. Euro Group considers direct loans to banks.,1518,829936,00.html
Europe could economize itself to death.,1518,830090,00.html
Merkel blasts Hollande.,1518,830193,00.html
How long will Hollande's party go on?,1518,830185,00.html
Austerity backlash unites European leaders.,1518,828996,00.html
Euro's fate hinges on austerity in Spain.,1518,829440,00.html
Berlin is running out of allies in euro crisis.

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