Thursday, 5 April 2012

New trams for old: mind the sand.

Last year I posted a blog,  in which I mentioned a tram ride from Fleetwood to Blackpool.

The tram was a short walk from the Fleetwood jetty. What a bumpy journey. In those days the standard of track maintenance was poor and the double-deck trams would lurch alarmingly between Cleveleys and Bispham.

The route re-opened this week following £100m  modernisation with modern trams and  miles of new new track.  No more lurching. The old trams will be used during the tourist season.

However, all has not gone well.  A new tram came off the track near Fleetwood.  The reason: sand on the rails. Sand by the seaside, who would have thought of that?

Old tram.

New Tram.

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