Friday, 27 April 2012

Good coverage

Good coverage of the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council elections in today's edition of the local newspaper, The Courier.  

The editorial page reflects on one of the key issues which I have referred to in earlier posts: the lack of any mention of a bold or overarching vision for the town of Royal Tunbridge Wells and the accusation that the Tories are treading water to avoid upsetting what I consider to be unrepresentative voices  - the Aspic Brigade.

There is a good two page spread on the election.  No comment from the Liberal Democrats I note.  The UKIP candidate in Rusthall gets a mention as do the Labour party contesting all seats for the first time in many a year. The Leader of the Council is confident but not complacent.  There is an interesting piece on the Independent standing in Pembury.

Councillor Brian Ransley gets a mention in both the editorial and an article.  He regards his chance of success as evens: personally I hope he gets hammered.

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