Monday, 23 April 2012

An old election address

Today I travelled by bus to Tunbridge Wells, something I do rarely as I prefer to walk. However it was raining heavily and as I waited at the bus terminus in the open air I got drenched. The journey into town was delayed by congestion in Rusthall High Street. By the time I returned from Royal Tunbridge Wells the rain had eased off. As  I turned off the A264 onto the Terry Path I noticed a couple were trying to cross the road. I had noticed them first a few minutes earlier as I approached them; they were waiting to cross the road after I passed them and headed down the Terry Path. The place where the couple were trying to cross  is a dangerous spot, no clear view in either direction and vehicles moving at 40mph or more.

Would any of the candidates at this May's local elections, I wondered, promise to do anything about any of these problems?

I keep election addresses. Had any of the candidates in previous elections make promises on these issues? Lo and behold the Conservative candidate at the 2008 election, who is standing for re-election, had made a number of promises. Four have been kept, two I do not know if they have been kept or not.

The remaining three may well have been kept, but with complete lack of success.

  • Persuade the Authorities to provide a bus shelter and litter bin at the Parsonage Road terminal
  • Search for a method of controlling traffic congestion in the High Street that is acceptable to traders and residents alike.
  • Press for the building of a refuge crossing on the A264 near to St Paul's Church.
Pressing, searching and persuading has not resulted in any action on these three issues.  Ah well.

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  1. what they could do is build a cement, covered overpass across the high way so people can cross the road--we have one here but to cross the railroad---also install a yellow, flashing light so people will slow down----or build alternate routes to relieve congestion---just some suggestions----don't live there but love the lyrical names of your towns & some streets