Thursday, 12 April 2012

Garbage from English Passport site

The English Passport blog is owned by Diamond  and Associates Ltd.  The company is registered at the address of Steve Uncles who is an officer of the English Democrats and a candidate for that party on the London-wide list of London Assembly candidates.

The blog has been devoting much of its time to promoting Siobhan Benita, an Independent candidate for the position of Mayor of London.  The English Democrats failed to put up a candidate for the mayoral election.  Quite what Siobhan Benita has done to attract the attention of the English Passport blog is not known to me, but it is an unwanted, unsolicited albatross round her neck.

Benita is doing well in the campaign and has attracted 'celebrity' support.  Opinion polls place her in third place: a massive achievement. 

I emphasise that there is no link, formal or informal, between Benita and the English Democrats, yet there has been a steady drip of posts on the English Passport blog.  I leave it to you to consider the  intended effect.

What is significant is the message of the pictures on the blog, but first, two pictures from the Benita campaign:

Note the absence of any flag.  Now for the English Passport blog photographs:

The character on the right is Mr O'Connor, the English Democrat candidate in 2008, but he resigned from the party before election day.  I will leave you to judge the effect of the juxtaposition of the elements of these pictures.

I note the English Democrat candidates are all white males.  So much for diversity.

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