Saturday, 7 April 2012

English Passport will be miffed.

The unsubtle indeed crass attempt by the English Passport blog to associate the London mayoral Independent candidate, Siobhan Benita, with the English Democrats is poor politics.  Posts on the blog contain images which have the George Cross flag against her name.   Pure fabrication.

Mr Uncles has published this picture:

Needless to say, this flag does not appear on any of her literature.

One of the English Democrat candidates for the London wide Assembly seats has come out in support of the UKIP mayoral candidate which rather scuppers the English Passport strategy (if one can call it that).

London Mayoral Election 2012 looking at the list of mayoral candidates standing , I can only see one crediable candidate to vote for at the moment. Move aside Ken and Boris , I think Lawrence Webb from UKIP is the way forward , i do not know enough about Siobhan Benita to back her.
Voting UKIP this Mayoral election would bring a fresh face to London and send a clear message to the others we want change. 

Perhaps the blog is trying to put the idea in the minds of people tempted to vote for Siobhan Benita that they should vote English Democrat on the London wide Assembly list.  Benita is seeking to stop the unwanted attentions of the English Passport blog.

Comments she had made about the blog:

I am not associated with English Democrats at all – unfortunately they have taken it on themselves to add me to their blog – I@ve complained but don’t have time to keep going back to them.

I’ll try once more – it is very annoying...

Just to stress – I don’t share any of their values at all!


I’ve complained twice direct to them – I can’t affect the blog site as it’s not owned by wordpress or the like. I’ve publically complained on raido today and tweeted about it
I’ll continue to try and contact them directly but in the meantime thanks for flagging this up – it’s extremely annoying.

A facebook exchange:

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