Friday, 27 April 2012

No vision, no ideas

Tunbridge Wells has a splendid MP in Greg Clark. He steered the localism legislation through the House of Commons and recast planning guidance.  A star performer destined for promotion.

Unfortunately he is saddled with a Conservative Group on his local council (Tunbridge Wells) lacking in vision and ideas.  The council refused to take up a grant offered by Clark's department.  Instead it hiked council tax by 3%.

Whilst the Conservative Group take some credit for the campaign to re-open Morrisons and pressing for the dualling of the A21, the driver of both is Clark.

The difference between the MP and the Conservative local worthies is illustrated starkly by the refusal of Tunbridge Wells Council to grant a licence for a greengrocery stand in the area adjoining the Millennium Clock.

Greg Clark promoted the idea for the stall under the clock stating that with the re-opening of Morrisons it was important to ensure the top end of the town is, to quote the Courier, made more attractive and vibrant.

Clark said also:

Whilst I am encouraged by borough council's commitment to try different things, it's important that there is real momentum behind this.


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