Friday, 13 April 2012

John Dutton changes tack

Last month I published two statements made by Mr Dutton in letters to the local press.

  • I sincerely believe that under the good stewardship of financial portfolio holder James Scholes and leader Bob Atwood, we have the best possible hope for our town and borough. They deserve our full support, not denigration.

  • Thank goodness we have our good stewards Bob Atwood and James Scholes in charge of our local finances.

Mr Dutton has been writing to the press again.  His letter consists of a spirited attack on the economic policy of the Coalition and what he perceives as the detrimental effect of austerity measures.

His conclusion:

...may I urge that we use the May local elections to signal our disapproval and lack of confidence in the current government, by not voting for their local candidates.

Whatever happened to our full support?

I have commented before that local elections should concentrate on local issues.  Local elections should not be a glorified opinion poll on national issues. Why should excellent councillors of whatever political persuasion be judged on the electorates' attitude to national issues and not on what they have done, and propose to do, locally?

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