Thursday, 22 December 2011

West Lothian Question

The UK government announced this week that a commission to examine the West Lothian Question is to be established in February 2012 and report in 2013.  This week also the retiring head of the Civil Service pondered on the possibility of a break-up of the United Kingdom.  His comments were taken up quickly by Alex Salmond, Scotland's First Minister.


Afore ye go:

Any changes, either in the voting rights of MPs representing Scottish (and I assume Welsh and Northern Ireland) seats or a 'yes' vote in a referendum on independence for Scotland will lead to changes in the Act of Union 1707.  This year Plaid Cymru decided its policy is to seek an independent Wales.  It is doubtful if Northern Ireland would seek independence as it would soon fall into the clutches of Eire.

What has surprised me is that the announcement of the commission has not been mentioned on the pages of the English Democrats website, Facebook page or on the blog of the ED's chairman Robin Tilbrook.  Instead we have been regaled with an article and comments on 'England's oil'.

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  1. I posted it on the ED's page here