Monday, 5 December 2011

More Yuk

My antipathy to awards schemes is well documented on this blog.  Tunbridge Wells Borough Council has announced its Love Where We Live Awards 2012, which runs to six categories.

My objection is twofold

1. The vast majority of individuals engaged in supporting others neither do it for awards, nor do they seek them..  Unfortunately there are a few 'gong' chasers.

2. The Awards take the form of a competition with 'winners'.  Frankly I find it insulting that individuals are categorised as being in  some way better than the other participants.  Of course we will hear the mantra: everyone is a winner, but the reality is that some will be judged to be better than others.  One wonders what the criteria are upon which the winner are chosen by the 'independent judging panel'. What are their claims to competence?

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