Friday, 16 December 2011

Well, jumping frogs, or should that be jumpy frogs?

Bad form for the French to criticise the UK's excellent sovereign debt rating.  Times are difficult enough, without unsolicited and pathetic criticism of the UK by France.

See also:

Five robust responses:

The agreement reached in Brussels is going off the rails with Humgary and the Czechs having doubts about tax harmonisation, with good reason.

Lo and behold, our 'isolation' so gleefully seized upon by Clegg, Miliband, the BBC, sundry EU Commissars and  Euopean politicians, is breaking down:

Below are two excellent articles from Spiegel:,1518,803923,00.html
Pitfalls of the Merkozy Fiscal Pact,1518,804228,00.html
Germany Bundesbank wary of IMF help for Europe.

Finally, some other news items:
After all she is French.

Update: 19th December.

This is very funny.

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