Friday, 9 December 2011

The long march

Yesterday, I penned the following:

Make no mistake, we are on the cusp of a defining moment in European history whatever happens over the next few days.

The UK has been consigned to isolation on the edge of the EU.  Is this the first stage of a long march to withdrawal from the EU?  Much will depend on how the 27 relate to the UK.  Make it difficult for the UK government to defend decisions taken by the 27 and the likelihood of withdrawal will grow.

There are serious issues, raised by Cameron and echoed in the Spiegel link below about the constitutional nightmare that is developing as a consequence of the decisions taken at the EU summit.,1518,802678,00.html

This knock-about article is worth perusal.

Whatever else the EU summit achieved , it did nothing to counter the sovereign debt crisis within the eurozone and nothing to create growth which is the only way countries such as Greece and Italy can ever hope to escape austerity. 

What it did do was extend German influence, aided and abetted by poodle France.

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