Saturday, 10 December 2011

Community group sizes up proposed development.

When the Knights Park, Tunbridge Wells complex was developed the road into the site was constructed from Longfield Road. To reach the car park serving the cinema, pubs, fitness centre etc it is necessary to make a right turn, the road straight ahead being a short stub.  This is followed by a sharp turn left into the car park and again there is a short stub straight ahead.  Clearly the two stubs were built with an eye to future development.

Now there is a proposal to build on land reached from the second stub.  See:

Whatever form the development takes, it will put even more traffic onto Longfield Road which already is heavily congested and prone to gridlock.

I am pleased to note that a community group, Slow Down on Sherwood & Stay Safe, is taking a very keen interest in this development and getting stuck into the consultation being undertaken by the developer.

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