Monday, 19 December 2011

Rusthall Parish Council by-election

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council confirmed today that a by-election for the seat vacated by Kelly Watson will be held if ten electors request an election.  The request has to be received by the Returning Officer by 12th January 2012.  Should an election be called and there are two or more candidates, election day will be no later than 16th March.

In the event that no valid request is received, the parish council will then be in a position to co-opt a new member.

The downside is that it costs approximately £1,500 to hold a by-election. This could have been avoided if Kelly had delayed her resignation for a couple of months as the by-election would then have been held on the same day as the borough council elections.  However, no matter, it is the price of democracy.  Kelly did what she thought was for the best and her decision has to be respected.  As I stated in a previous post I am sorry to see her leave and hope she will return at some stage.

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