Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Odds and ends

As the season of goodwill is upon us, I treat you to the thoughts of Conservative MP Nadine Dorries whom, along with three Tory colleagues and a Labour MP, failed to turn up at the House of Commons to put their questions to the Deputy Prime Minister.

Ms Dorries explained her absence thus:

Nick Clegg is an inconsistent, bad-tempered, sulky, misguided, badly informed, opportunistic, political irrelevance. Why would I want to attend the chamber to ask a man of such poor political attributes a parliamentary question?

Makes one wonder why she had tabled the question.  I feel somewhat sorry for Mr Clegg: that he should be singled out for such opprobrium.  I can think of other politicians (and so-called politicians) who are equally deserving of Ms Dorries venom.

A few other items which caught my eye:
Fun in Tower Hamlets

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