Thursday, 8 December 2011

Accrington Stanley

Accrington Stanley FC is seeking to raise £1M by selling shares at £100 pounds each. (See link).  I wish them well.

When Accrington Stanley left the League in 1961 many did not expect the club would ever return.  Like Wigan Athletic, the club had failed to complete its fixtures and in those far off days clubs were not relegated but had to apply for re-election to the League.  Bad form not to complete a seasson's fixtures.  The 'old boys club' usually ensured re-election, but not always. 

Now there is automatic relegation and promotion from and to Division 4.  Until 1958 clubs were divided into Division 3 North and Division 2 South and only one club from each league was promoted to Division Two.  Division 1 is now known as the Premier Division. 

The Club below Division 4 is The Conference and half the clubs in the latter have been relegated from Division 4.

I remember watching Accrington Stanley in the years before the club lost its league status.  One season Chesterfield lost at home 2-3.  It was the third successive home loss by the same score for Chesterfield.  The previous home match had been against Shrewsbury Town and I remember Arthur Rowley scoring two identical goals from the edge of the penalty area for the visitors.

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