Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Steve Uncles enlivens the political scene with the English Passport blog.  Recently he has been 'entertaining' us with posts on the blog and his Facebook page on the subject of his candidature for the elected position of Police and Crime Commissioner for Kent.

He has had a swipe at an Independent candidate for having the temerity to have been born in Liverpool and (he claims) supporting a northern soccer team in preference to Gillingham FC and, horror of horrors, supporting a Rugby League team - the northern version of rugby  (to use his phrase).  The person in question has lived in Kent for many years, is a magistrate in Kent and until recently, the chairman of the Kent Police Authority.

However his real ire is directed at the Conservative candidate who has a Scottish name, was born in Chatham and lived in Kent all his life.  According to Uncles he is a Scottish Conservative.

Dig a little deeper into the English Democrats and you discover that the party's candidate for the Essex PCC post in one Robin Tilbrook who was born in Malaysia.  Now what does Mr Uncles have to say about this given the basis of his opposition to the Conservative candidate in Kent?   Not a word.

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