Monday, 3 September 2012

Baker Lite on BML2

You might have expected (then again, possibly not) that Norman Baker MP would have shown some vision as a minister in the DfT rather than promoting purely constituency interests.


Whereas twenty years ago there were two main London destinations, the West End and the City, now there is an additional destination, East London by which I mean Docklands & Stratford.

Currently it is difficult to reach East London from Kent and Sussex.  The BML2 proposal is for a direct link between Brighton and Uckfield which will also serve Falmer (for two universities and Brighton & Hove Albion FC) and then via Oxted to the East London Line and thence to Stratford and Stansted. A proposal of real vision which would help alleviate overcrowding on the current Brighton-London line as well as opening up a huge range of new travel possibilities.  A further bonus would be that it would divert some traffic from the overcrowded Underground in central London.

Come on Norman....must do better.

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