Sunday, 2 September 2012

Blast from the past

It is reported in the local press that John Lowe is to play darts at the Red Lion in Rusthall  in aid of the Rusthall war memorial fund.

Memories came flooding back.  John would drop into my local in Chesterfield, the Bridge Inn on Hollis Lane.  The locals were well-behaved, not challenging John to play darts, he was out for a quiet drink.

Another of my haunts was The Star on Chatsworth Road. The landlady bore a close resemblance to Hylda Baker, both in looks and voice. A friend of the landlord and his wife was Charlie Drake. Charlie stayed at the pub from time to time. Again, the regulars were well-behaved. Charlie was not asked to tell a few jokes, but as the evening wore on we would be regaled with anecdotes and a stream of jokes,

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