Thursday, 13 September 2012

English Passport

Take a look at this link.

Now, take a look at this from Mackinlay's website

Craig is 45, married, and was born in Chatham. His family has been in Medway and Kent for at least four generations – Kent runs in his blood.
He was educated at Rainham Mark Grammar School and then at the University of Birmingham where he obtained an Honours degree in Zoology and Comparative Physiology. He lived in Sittingbourne for six years before returning to Chatham. He trained as a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Adviser and is now a Partner in a Kent firm.
He has twenty years experience in political campaigning across the country, and became a Conservative Councillor for River Ward on Medway Unitary Authority in 2007, a ward that had been historically Labour held. The result was further improved in May 2011 with the election of the second Conservative for River and an improved majority.
Craig is a trustee of four charities: The Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust, Foord Almshouses in Rochester, Medway Sculpture Trust, and the City of Rochester Round Table.

So, if by English Passport's reckoning Craig Mackinlay is a 'Scottish Conservative, what does that make Robin Tilbrook, the English Democrat's candidate for the Essex Police Commissioner post?   Mr Tilbrook was born in Malaysia.  Not noticed a mention of this on the English Passport blog.

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