Sunday, 16 September 2012

Dangerous times ahead

No, I am not referring to Steve Uncle's minuscule chance of being elected to the position of Kent Police Commissioner.

Nor am I referring to the ongoing soap that is the eurozone crisis or the calls for a referendum on EU membership.

On the scale of issues, the Scottish independence issue hardly makes a mark.

The most dangerous issue around is not even the storming of US embassies, nor the civil war in Syria, nor the anti Japanese hysteria being whipped up in China.  See:

Nor is it the problem of the 'rogue' state, North Korea.

The real danger is that Israel will attack Iran's nuclear facilities for fear that Iran will soon have the capability to build and deliver nuclear weapons. Doubtless there will retaliation and a stepping up of terrorism aimed at Europe and the USA.  There is also the danger that Iran may try and block the Strait of Hormuz through which passes18 million barrels of oil per day.  Should the oil be blocked it will have a devastating effect on the economies of Europe (including the UK), Japan and the USA.


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