Monday, 3 September 2012

Kent Police Commissioner election

My, hasn't Ann Barnes been quiet for a few days.  She is a candidate for the KPC post, even though she was a vociferous opponent of change.  Thought I would reprise this post:

Adding spice to the election is the announcement by Steve Uncles that he is standing for the English Democrats.  He has taken to Facebook with a number of pronouncements:

Steve Uncles - English Democrats
100 Signatures required to sign the Nomination Form for the Kent Police Commissioner Election - If you can help then e-mail me at - (You must live in Kent)

Steve Uncles - English Democrats
Removal of all fixed speed cameras in Kent, under the English Democrats.
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Steve Uncles - English Democrats
Using Police resources to eliminate organised crime in Kent

I would demand, that resources currently allocated to Scotland, Wales and N Ireland are diverted to Kent, to ensure Kent becomes a no crime zone.

Take a look on Google at his record.


  1. Its is sad that you are so sad... Chris from Tunbridge wells