Sunday, 4 March 2012

Tescoborough: the battle continues

From the Southborough Environmental Action Movement website:


You’d never know if it was left to our elected representatives to tell you, but from tomorrow (Monday 5th March) until 27th April 2012, you are being consulted about the future of our Town and the use of the Ridgewaye Fields.
The Town Centres Area Action Plan (TCAAP) [just trips off the tongue, doesn’t it?] is the process by which you can feedback to the planners and councillors your views on their latest vision for the Town.
We know it is a pain to logon to the Councils website and write emails/letters, but if you don’t you cannot affect their decisions, you cannot say on the day the bulldozers roll in that you didn’t want this to happen and you cannot say when you are stuck in endless traffic jams that no one asked for your views or when your kids are breathing in even higher levels of toxins that no one asked you what you thought it the prospect.
It is human nature to put things off and convince yourself it will never happen, we ask that you think for a moment about your true feelings about losing the fields and having a whopping great supermarket in the town.
Now is the time to do something. We will update this notice with links to the Borough Web Site as soon as they post the Consultation.
In the meantime – just write to direct with your views to Councillor Mike Rusbridge (58 Yew Tree Road – Tel:- 01892 537784) -

Click on the link for the SEAM website:


From the SEAM website:


The Tunbridge Wells Borough Council public consultation on its plans for the Ridgewaye Fields is in delay. It was due to start today (5th March 2012). A new date will now be set by Council Leaders on 19th April. We will then post new timetable. In the meantime KEEP THOSE LETTER ROLLING. Keep writing to Mike Rusbridge (Chair of Planning Committee) 58 Yew Tree Road -
REMEMBER - The Council has declared that all of the Ridgewaye Fields be designated for Retail / Mixed Development. Only you can stop this by making your views known.

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