Thursday, 29 March 2012

Beware. Serial fiction writers at large.

Not long now until the local elections.  In April we can expect to be bombarded with election literature.  I save the missives I receive:  my collection goes back five years.  Full of broken promises, sham humility from the candidates and statements on national policies which are of no relevance to local elections.  From time to time politicians complain that local elections are decided by national issues - but still they persist in sending out election addresses containing comments on national issues.

Most election literature is very boring,  the content an affront to the intelligence of the electorate.  The Liberal Democrats specialise in  dodgy electoral statistics and graphs, the Conservatives use a lot of verbiage to say nothing whilst Labour engages mostly in bashing opposition parties on national issues.

I look forward (in vain) to election addresses which set out with clarity what the parties intend to do on the following issues: council tax, car park charges, improved public transport, traffic congestion, town centre redevelopment,  public engagement and community safety.  What I do not want is a rose-tinted statement of past achievements.  I want to know where candidates stand on issues of current concern.

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