Monday, 12 March 2012

Not even on the stage.

There is a saying: it's not over until the lady sings.  As far as euroland is concerned the fat lady has not made it to the stage.  Problems abound, not least the Germans fretting about the outcome of the French presidential election.  Sarkozy is well behind in the polls.  The forecast winner, Hollande, is keen to  amend ( tear up) the fiscal pact and ensure there is an emphasis on growth.  Not music in the ears of Merkel who has refused to meet Hollande.

Of course, much can happen in the run-up to the April elections.,1518,819602,00.html
A weakened Sarkozy,1518,820660,00.html
A tetchy Spiegel interviews Hollande

The pressure is still on Greece.  The newly issued bonds have the highest yield in the eurozone.  This reflects lack of confidence in the ability of Greece to resolve its economic problems.


Attention will now more to Portugal and Spain, not forgetting Italy which is now in recession.  See:


Holders of Greek debt to sue:

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