Thursday, 15 March 2012

Standards for England report. Allegations made by......

The allegations about the conduct of councillor Brian Ransley were made jointly by 7 senior officers of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council as listed in the extract from the report reproduced below.

1.1 On 15 September 2011 the standards committee for Tunbridge Wells Borough Council [the council] referred a number of allegations about the conduct of Councillor Brian Ransley, a member of the Council. The allegations had been made jointly by the council’s chief executive, monitoring officer, director of change and communities, director of regeneration and sustainability, head of finance and governance, head of policy and partnerships and the interim head of policy and partnerships. On 5 October 2011 Standards for England referred the matters to me for investigation.

The conclusion in the report:

I note that Councillor Ransley’s behaviour has undoubtedly damaged the trust that should exist between senior officers and senior members.

Has this damage been repaired?  The council cannot function properly without that trust.  Someone should have been banging heads together.

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