Saturday, 31 March 2012

Death of Kevin Lynes a grievous loss

The death of Kevin Lynes, aged 53, has deprived Tunbridge Wells of its most astute politician.  The three wards which form the county council electoral division he represented are very different in character.  He had the ability to relate to people in each part of his division, to act as their champion and get things done.

Kevin had his critics, on some issues I was one of them, but he commanded respect, not only for the huge workload he carried, but also for making difficult decisions and standing up for deprived people.
A few years ago he lost his seat on Tunbridge Wells Borough Council and I believe it was his determination not to lose his county council seat which drove him on.

It is a great pity Kevin did not stand again for a seat on Tunbridge Wells Borough Council. He would have made an excellent Leader and we would have been spared the dither and clownish behaviour of some of the current members of the cabinet in Tunbridge Wells.

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