Sunday, 18 March 2012

Investigatory Committee, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council (2)

Recently I posted on the subject of the Investigatory Committee of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council.  I could find no reference to this committee on the council's website.  See:

As I read through the Standards for England report on the finding of that body persuant to allegations made against councillor Brian Ransley I came across the following:

9.2.2. Ms Varney told Councillor Ransley that any complaint he had about the chief executive should properly be made to the Council’s Investigatory Committee. Councillor Ransley replied, as he had done in April, that he was not satisfied with the process for complaining about officers and thought that the standards committee should have direct involvement. Ms Varney acknowledged at interview that she had some sympathy with his position.

11.18 Mr Benson noted that he has since been the subject of an initial investigation following a complaint from another councillor, Councillor Holden, who claimed that Mr Benson was attempting to interfere with the political process by raising a code of conduct complaint concerning Councillor Ransley. That complaint against Mr Benson was initially examined by the council’s investigative committee whose remit includes considering complaints against the chief executive. The investigatory committee decided to take no action.

The search engine of the council's website same up with no response when I inserted the words 'investigatory committee' nor did perusal of the list of committees prove any more successful.

Who is on this committee, what are its terms of reference, are there minutes of proceedings or agendas?

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