Sunday, 21 October 2012

What a load of baloney.

Yes, from Steve Uncles' blog.  See:

From the article:

Craig MacKinlay Police Commissioner Candidate - A Scottish Conservative lost in Kent ...
The Scottish Conservative Accountant Craig MacKinlay, who has been parachuted into Kent, by Conservative Party Central office to ensure that 20% cuts are made in English Police Services to enable further "bribes" to go to Scotland in addition to the £33 Billion already given to Scotland by English Tax Payers (Source Tax Payers Alliance), has been busy in his campaign in Kent, mainly introducing himself to "Conservatives" 

Far from being parachuted in the Conservative candidate was elected by Kent Conservatives at a series of meetings open to all members of the party in Kent.  How was Mr Uncles selected?

The Conservative candidate was born in, lives in, works in Kent and has a distinguished record of public service in Medway. I have received this from a reliable source:

Craig Mackinlay in fifth generation English. You would need to go back to 1855 to find his first non English born relative.

Casual disregard for fact illustrated also by this from the English Passport blog:

Truer Statement of Persons Nominated for the Election of a Police and Crime Commissioner Kent Police Area Ann Barnes Liberal Democrat Dai Liyanage Independent Craig MacKinlay Scottish Conservative Party Candidate Steve Uncles English Democrats "More Police - Catching Criminals!" Piers Wuachope UK Independence Party Harriet Bronwen Yeo The Labour Party Candidate, Kent, PCC, Police Commissioner

The blog post in full, see:

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