Monday, 15 October 2012

Psst, want a good laugh

My dear readers, you have been fed a rich diet on the mutterings of Steve Uncles and posts on the English Passport blog.

For sheer hilarity, the following takes some beating.

On a serious note, consider this recent post on the English Passport blog.


Clearly I have got to Uncles.  You will note above that my hilarity was directed at the 'spike' post and that I regarded the English Passport blog's attempt to joke about Savile as a serious matter.

Uncles complains about smears, but as you can see below, he or his acolytes on the English Passport blog are past masters.


The second link (kunt-and-the gang-etc) above has been deleted from the English Passport blog as has the 'Snip' above.  I wonder why?

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