Friday, 19 October 2012

EU Summit

Interesting quotes (taken from Daily Telegraph).

More from David Cameron's closing speech at the EU summit. He rejected suggestions that Britain was "slowly waving goodbye to Europe", but said he wanted a "new settlement" with the EU, including more say in how it's run.
QuoteAm I happy with the status quo in Europe? No I am not, I think there are changes that we need. There are opportunities opening for what I have said should be a new settlement between Britain and Europe and there will be opportunities to seek that new settlement.
The claim came from Finland's Europe minister, Alexander Stubb:
QuoteI think Britain is right now, voluntarily, by its own will, putting itself in the margins.
We see it in foreign policy, we see it in economic policy, we see it linked to the single currency. And I, as someone who advocates the single market and free trade, find that very unfortunate, very unfortunate.
It's almost as if the boat is pulling away and one of our best friends is somehow saying 'bye-bye' and there's not really that much we can do about it.

Running with the fox and chasing with the hounds?

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